Aberdare Cables


Aberdare Cables is a leading cable manufacturer with six manufacturing sites (Three in South Africa and one in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain). With a customer base that includes power supply authorities, railway and transport organizations, municipalities, companies in industries such as petrochemicals, mining, industrial and domestic construction or building. We were asked to help with developing (for the first time ever in the company’s history) a marketing and advertising campaign aimed at the end user, encouraging them to purchase Aberdare Cables from local retail outlets or the least demand that their contractors use Aberdare Cables.

Solution /Strategic Insights

With a limited and “first time” marketing budget we developed a cost effective and impactful strategy,creative concept and messaging that took a low involvement commodity and made it an emotional purchase. We positioned Aberdare Cables as ‘the’ market leader, considered by the whole industry as the benchmark and standard cable brand when looking for safety and quality.

Campaign Mix/Activities

  • Developed and placed high in end Instore Promotion Material: in Stores targeted for listings and new sales such as Cash Build, Builders Warehouse, Build it, Timber City and Mica
    • Posters
    • Instore product display – Aberdare Cable Man cut-out
    • Blimps right outside retail outlets and stores
  • Print Campaign in selected consumer and trade magazines, e.g. Home Maker’s Fair , House and Garden, Garden and Home, Women and Home etc.


Increased awareness of the Aberdare Cables brand in the end consumer market. Increased sales and successful new listings in the targeted stores.