BEDIA Trade & Investment

Botswana now Open for Business


BEDIA (Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority). The Botswana Now Open For Business campaign sought to establish Botswana as an attractive investor destination by highlighting key investment opportunities and asking the target audience to re-evaluate all they thought they knew about Botswana.

To create the required awareness for BEDIA and its role or functions, our proposition was to position BEDIA as the only and main channel to drive investment into Botswana. As such the campaign managed to maximize and effectively enhance the image and visibility of Botswana generally and BEDIA specifically.

Campaign Mix / Solution

  • Outdoor: Airport Advertising in RSA and Botswana; International arrival and
    departure lounges.
  • Television: DSTV = Zee TV, BBC, and CNN
  • Internet (Mbendi website link and Newsletter)
  • Print: Trade and specialist business titles


  • Target audience saw ads at least 3 times.
  • Over 20,000 pages of the BEDIA website were viewed by an estimated 10,000 visitors.
  • A total of more than 7 000 enquiries per month were generated over the period of the campaign.
  • With over 50% of the enquiries being from Europe, Asia, the US and the UK.
  • At least 5 enquiries were converted into actual investment opportunities in Botswana.