Current Cost versus Future Value of Advertising

To first-time advertisers, advertising might prove to be a hardsell. That, or they might harbour unreasonably high expectations. Fact is, first-time advertising clients need to be held by the hand throughout the journey. And there is the right way and the wrong way. Which is to say that there is no one-size-fits-all method, but a few broad guidelines might help:

Value vs. Cost: Understandably, the first-time advertiser has no idea how much things cost, and they can only appreciate the value of the advertising after the fact. Having said that, you need to get them to appreciate that current cost needs to be read with projected benefit in mind;

Listen. Really Really Listen: Actively and strategically. Often it is not what the first-time client says, but what they leave unsaid, that is most important. The client will often frame their challenges in cold business terms, and you need to listen out for the communication challenge;

Be tactful: It is too often the case that what the client tells you they want, is not exactly what they need at that time. A client might say ‘Make me look sexy and desirable’, maybe not in those exact words, but you might feel, ‘We’re not there yet’. You then need to find a way of telling client the truth without making them feel bad about asking in the first place;

Every journey needs a roadmap: Once you agree on the destination, you need to agree how to get there. Strategy is not an after-thought but the necessary fore-thought;

Collaborate: The temptation is to take control, to own the process in a way that minimises client’s role. And, this often comes from a good place. Eager to impress, you feel the agency should take the lead and school client. But if you find a way of letting them in into the process, you’ll find it easy to sell the solution; and

Integrate: In today’s fragmented, media environment the trick is to find an idea that orchestrates the different media – digital, social media, unconventional and traditional – into one powerful message that resonates with the audience(s).

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